Trusted, Helpful Connections - Better Outcomes

Peer support has become recognized by experts as a high-impact and cost-effective path for improving our quality of life, delivering favorable health care outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Peer Support Solutions is the leader in using innovative mobile and online technology to make digital peer support more convenient, accessible, personalized, measurable and rewarding. While in-person peer support is a viable option, we believe that digital peer support is a preferred option for many people that want to avoid public stigma, have challenges getting to fixed meeting sites, and prefer to join conversations from the comfort of their own home.


Personalized peer support

Peer Support Solutions offers anyone seeking help to easily find and connect with helpful peer support groups, individual peers, or peer coaches via our secure mobile or web video chat platform.


Better Outcomes. lower costs.

Our studies have shown that peer support can deliver a 60% - 70% reduction in hospital readmissions and visits to the ER, and reduce severity of conditions such as depression, which can lead to significant improvements in the quality of life.

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stigma free

Our trusted platform enables peers to connect anonymously and securely. Get and give help in a low-stress, accepting and understanding environment.


quality peer support

Our screening tools, evidence-based peer programs, and facilitator quality ratings ensure that peer support facilitators, coaches, and participants provide the highest level of peer support quality.



Non profits, healthcare organizations, employers, individuals, and others can create customized peer support programs or use our off-the-shelf application to allow their members, employees, or community to access convenient peer support.


Measure and see progress

Tracking progress is important. Use our premium tools to confidentially note and assess key aspects of your peer support journey.