How Do I Join a Peer Support Group or Conversation?

Go to and search for the type of group that can be helpful to you. Create a free account and register for a group meeting or a one-on-one peer coaching session of your choice. Most of the group meetings are sponsored by a nonprofit organization and are free, some have a small fee.

Where can I Download your Mobile App?

Look for Hey Peers in the Apple App Store. It’s the beta version and we would love to have your feedback!

What Type of Peer Conversations Do You Support?

At Support Groups Central we currently have groups for individuals who are dealing with mental health, substance use, chronic illness and rare disease issues.

What Type of Security Do You Provide?

Meetings and one-on-one connections are all done through our secure platform to protect participant privacy. Participants are encouraged to use only their first names and they may even use a pseudonym if they wish.

Currently we have some need for individuals who are Certified Peer Specialists or Certified Recovery Coaches. Qualified candidates should also have experience facilitating groups and strong computer skills. If you are interested please send your resume with a cover letter to

How Can I Become a Group Facilitator or Coach?