We created two digital support solutions to help make peer support more accessible and rewarding.

Support Groups Central is a customizable and secure mobile and web-based peer-to-peer support video and chat software platform that can be used with your brand and offered privately to your members, employees, or community.

HeyPeers is our ready-to-connect mobile peer support App for those that do not need a customized support program and want to find or create their own peer support conversations.

Importantly, we have a thriving community of tens of thousands of peer supporters, coaches, facilitators, and shared experience listeners that use our platforms.


Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage innovative technology and evidence-based peer support programs to deliver more affordable, convenient, engaging and impactful ways for peers to connect and learn from each other so that personal journeys are more rewarding and healthy.

Peer Support Solutions is the innovator in online peer support”
— Executive Director, Health Care Non Profit

our impact

  • Reduced Readmissions: Multiple studies have shown peer support reduces hospital readmissions by as much as 72%, resulting in significant cost savings for providers, payers, employers, and care management organizations.

  • Peer support improves quality of life, increases and improves engagement with services, and increases whole health and self-management. (Mental Health America, 2018)

  • Decreases the severity and frequency of depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health challenges. Our studies have shown that our video-based peer support meetings can reduce the severity of depression, for example, by 33%.

    Click here to receive a copy of our white paper on the effectiveness of Online Peer Support.

  • Increased access to peer support for rural, low-income, college students, veterans, and others that may have difficulty finding and attending a support group for a host of reasons.